“Jen is an incredible woman. We could not have done our Standard Process Metro New York event without her. She does so much and makes it look so easy. We are very grateful to have connected with her and look forward to continue collaborating with her to help our community from a wellness perspective.” Lisa Moore RD, President, Standard Process Metro New York

“Having worked with Jennifer Ross on several projects it is clear that she puts equal amounts of skill and passion to any project she chooses to work on.  Her attention to detail, work ethic, and professionalism is always apparent and appreciated.  She is ready to be a leader or part of a team depending on what is required.  We have forged a working relationship that I am sure will continue to improve the events we produce.”  Steve Tarpinian, President of EventPower a wholly owned subsidiary of Total Training Inc.

“I met Jennifer Ross about 6 years ago and from the beginning I knew that she was a visionary in a room full of day dreamers.  Jennifer approaches all she does with great passion and openness to new ideas and input from her team and fellow entrepreneurs.  She also creates an atmosphere of inclusion and I have watched her ideas turn into businesses or events that change people’s lives.  Jennifer has inspired me to take the extra step, to not let adversity or a lot of “no” stop me from moving ahead in my work and fulfilling my goals and dreams.  You want Jennifer to succeed because she is helping to make the world a healthier and happier place.”  elizabeth cassidy, Creativity Coach, Artist, Writer, elizabethcassidyart.com.

“I know Jen as an extremely efficient, knowledgeable, and very professional website design and marketing specialist.  I love working with her, as she makes things look so easy.  As soon as Jen makes the commitment to meet, she is giving 100% of her time to assist in the best way she knows how. She gets things done quickly and effortlessly.  Jen is very personable and intuitive which makes it easy to communicate any desired outcome I have in mind.  I would recommend Jen to anybody who is looking for a very professional, committed website designer and marketing guru that is able to think outside the box!”  Angela Marschall, RN, LMT, Spir.C, ATP, Vibrational Therapist, CascadingJoy.com

“There are two kinds of people in this world – some that talk and then there is Jen Ross who brings it all to the table and makes everything she does come to fruition. Jen not only has the stamina and willpower, but overall confidence to get the job done no matter what.  There is no obstacle too big.  Jen will execute in the timetable she is allotted. Jen Ross is a part of Long Island history, a woman with conviction to do what’s right to keep Long Island a healthy social change.” Jeannette, Fondacaro, Jeannette Fondacaro Designs, Inc.

“I have worked with Jennifer Ross on several website development and marketing projects for health and wellness professionals.  Jen has an in-depth understanding of marketing strategy and website creation platforms, and the capabilities of various programs, such as WordPress.  More importantly, however, Jen takes the time to understand the business and marketing needs of her clients to product effective websites that draw clients, provide valuable information, and give these companies professional visibility to help grow their communities.  Jen also strategically connects her clients’ web presences with social media outlets, such as Facebook and Twitter for even further connective reach.  Once established, Jen works with clients so they easily understand the value of their websites and trains them to use and update the content for SEO optimization and to engage potential clients. “ Diane Falvey, Editor-in-Chief of Gifts and Decorative Accessories at Progressive Business Media

“Jennifer Ross has helped Forgotten Friends of Long Island Animal Rescue in many ways. She has guided our group to successful fundraisers and both television and newspaper interviews that have allowed the general public to become aware of the work that Forgotten Friends does. Her passion is to help people become all that they can be. She has a keen sense of the direction to take her clients so that their business can grow. Her knowledge and thought filled ideas help to make any business venture a success. Jen has a warm heart and she is very easy to communicate with. Forgotten Friends of Long Island Animal Rescue has been very lucky to to work with Jen!!” Loretta Rinaldo, President,  Forgotten Friends of Long Island.

“Jen Ross has been handling my marketing for my business for the past year and not only do I think she is brilliant but my career has sky-rocketed because of her work and dedication to helping me grow my business.  She just has a knack for doing this and it comes second nature to her to create websites, newsletters, constant contact addresses, you name it she does it!  She has a passion to help others succeed and if you are in the position of wanting to take your business to the next level, I can’t think of anyone better than Jen! Go for it…” Bobbi Ann DePierro, Zumba Fitness Instructor, Holistic Health Counselor, Bobbi Ann DePierro Corp.

“Jennifer Ross is the definition of effective.  She believes in everything she does, and works tirelessly to achieve the goals of her clients.  The word “impossible” is not present in her vocabulary.  She always delivers what’s promised, and then goes well above and beyond.” Marisa Pizza,  East Office Coordinator & Sales Assistant, Ace Marketing.

“My experience working with Jen has been a most unbelievable learning opportunity for me. With her exceptional skills and talents, she has focused me and directed me to clarify my business’s goals and objectives.  Jen has helped me to achieve clarity of purpose and direction to what I would like to achieve in a business.  She works tirelessly to keep me on track to develop my marketing plan.  She is also a gifted resource to any business owner because she always seems to go two steps – no three steps- beyond what you might expect, to get you to grow.” Malka Edelman, NCC, MCC, CRC, LMHC, President, Comprehensive Career Planning, Inc, Former Farmingdale College Career Director.

“Working with Jen Ross is like working with an old, trusted friend.  She digs in deep to first and foremost understand you and your business.  She takes on projects as if it were her own company or department…and it shows in her dedication to creativity, excellence, and timeliness, with a good solid bit of patience and sense of humor all thrown in for good measure.” Brian Kurth, Founder & President, VocationVacations.

“Jen Ross has been supporting consulting clients for MasterCard Advisors Commercial Consulting Group for almost two years.  Her project management discipline, analytical experience and subject matter depth in the small business segment has been instrumental in delivering value to top tier bank clients globally.” Michael Carbone, MasterCard Advisors, Global Solutions Leader-Commercial Solutions.

“Jennifer possesses many qualities and traits that make her an intelligent, creative, loyal, easy-going and exceptional marketing professional.  Jennifer effectively communicates with all parties and works hard for her clients.  She always gives 110%. She is dynamic, and her perspective and enthusiasm has helped open many opportunities for additional business growth.  You can’t afford to pass on this one.” Mary Brustein, Former JPMorgan Chase Vice President Marketing, Registered Nurse.

“Jen is very bright, energetic, a big picture strategic thinker, self-motivated and believes in building high performance teams.  She has a wealth of experience in all forms of consumer, B2B and online marketing.  Jen also has expertise in building lines of business from the ground up.  She bought a business, recreated it, made it profitable, and sold it.. I hold her in the highest regard.” Steven Chicarella, Lender Development Manager, DealerTrack Inc.

“I have worked with Jennifer Ross in several capacities — first on joint client projects and then on marketing strategy for my own business.  In every situation, Jen provides valuable, creative and straightforward advice that is instrumental to her client’s success.  She is a true treasure.” Kelly Kirkendoll Shafer, President, Thrive PR.

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