The eHarmony® for Entrepreneurs: Your business tutor match will help turn your ‘big’ idea into a marketable business

When I worked in Corporate America for JPMorgan Chase, we hired consultants to fill the gaps, take on important systems projects, and re-engineer how things were done. Hired consultants earned significantly more money than our employees. Frankly, that was always tough to tolerate as an employee. However, it was even tougher to tolerate because these consultants were able to steer clear of all the office politics and power plays that came along with a career in Corporate America. More money, less politics – being a consultant appeared to be the ideal career path at the time!

Several years later, I left the corporate world and became ‘the consultant’. I consulted for a major financial institution for a few years while pursuing my own entrepreneurial ideas on the side. It was fantastic money and I was able to steer clear of all the office noise and politics. However, while the money was great and politics were minimal, I became lost in a sea of consultants. We were spinning our wheels, not really accomplishing anything meaningful and productive. As an employee I had a sense of ownership and high productivity. I created. I was effective. As a consultant, I focused my energy for weeks on a project, spent time creating a fancy PowerPoint with compelling conclusions, and then nothing…for weeks or months. The document could sit in someone’s inbox and never be opened and addressed. Consulting was great money and minimal politics, but lacked ownership and sense of meaning.

So I have been on both sides of the employee and consultant fence. And there are certainly positives and negatives to both. However, there is another category that I discovered. This category brings far greater satisfaction and meaning to my career.

One summer morning I was in the library with my middle daughter who was being tutored in Math by her 4th grade teacher. I watched as my daughter intently listened and learned. I also witnessed the passion in the tutor as she saw the light bulb go off in my daughter’s head when my daughter finally understood the mechanics behind how to do the math problem. At that same moment, the light bulb went off in my head!! I am not an employee or a consultant; I am a Business Tutor. Teaching people the skills that help them reach their business goals provided me with significant meaning and fulfillment. Hence, biztutors was created…

We are like the ‘eHarmony®’ for entrepreneurs! By carefully matching clients with business tutors, we help them meet their specific business goals. A business tutor works with a client just like a math tutor works with your son or daughter. They teach you what you need to know to take your innovation or service and turn it into a real business –whether it is a for-profit or not-for-profit idea. If you have ever watched Shark Tank on ABC (one of my favorite reality TV shows!), you have probably heard Mark Cuban, Damon John, and even Mr. Wonderful tell contestants that they can’t or won’t invest right now because they are not a business yet. After you made it all the way to the ‘tank’, that must be a tough thing to hear from these millionaires and billionaires! We don’t want you to be one of those people who had the big idea, but missed a once in a lifetime investment opportunity because you didn’t build a real company yet.

Let biztutors show you how to turn your big idea into a marketable business today!



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