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Biztutors Founder Jen RossJennifer Ross, Marketing Strategist & Entrepreneur, Founder Biztutors

Jennifer is a business and marketing strategist with more than 25 years experience. Her career began at JPMorgan Chase where she held various strategic marketing and business development roles. At JPMorgan Chase, Jennifer attracted and pursued very entrepreneurial roles to innovate and build new revenue channels and revitalize struggling businesses.

Through her strategic marketing consulting practice, Jennifer has consulted for startups, solo entrepreneurs, small businesses, not-for-profits, and large corporations.   Clients have entrusted Jennifer to oversee and manage their businesses during times of illness or sabbatical.  Jen has a passion and expertise with:

  • Creating relevant, targeted marketing strategies
  • Coaching people on marketing their business
  • Connecting people to purposeful sources & people
  • Creating, designing, promoting & executing targeted events.

Jennifer has always remained connected to her local community and has a passion for health and wellness, animals, and local history. She serves on the following Boards and Committees where she lends her marketing and business development skills:

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