Case Studies

From Idea to Marketable Business in 3 Monthsclick to download pdf
You finally uncovered or discovered that ‘big’ idea’; the idea that can change your life! But now you need to build a company that allows you to execute your idea. Businesses require design, planning and strategy development, whether you are for profit or not-for-profit. Before you get started, there are some critical questions to answer about your idea and business. Neglecting to answer these questions can impact the marketability and profitability of your company so take the time to read, learn and organize your thinking with our biztutors™ case study.

Stiff Competition-a biztutors case study– click to download case study
You were an innovator in your category. You built your ‘big’ idea into a profitable business. You have been very successful. Tenure, reputation, professionalism, and committed clientele are all in your favor. All of a sudden, the competition catches up to you. Now what? How do you retain your clients? How do you enhance your acquisition of new clients? How do you effectively compete? Read, learn and take your company to its next level of success.