Business Tutors Teach Business

Our business tutors teach business and the relevant skills to achieve business success. We become a client’s temporary ‘Chief of Staff”, “Partner Without Equity”, “Guidance Counselor”, and “Coach”.

Our biztutor has played a major role in helping to shape this stage of our program development. Her insights and advice have all proved beneficial to our program. As we move into unchartered territory, it is a tremendous relief to know we have our business tutor as a support and guide. M.H., Executive Director


  • Teach business strategy – A business strategy is a road map that includes a company’s guiding principles.  A business strategy is set to help guide decision-making, allocation of resources and accomplish key objectives and goals.
  • Guide the startup process – The startup process starts with defining the idea and the vision for the company.  From there, the business can begin to take design.
  • Co-create business plans – A business plan is a formal document containing the business idea, business goals,  plans for reaching the desired goals, competitive and industry analysis, and projected financials. It may also contain background information about the organization and team.
  • Co-design integrated marketing strategies – A marketing strategy identifies the business goals, demonstrates market research, and focuses on the right product/service mix in order to achieve the established goals. It also defines the marketing tactics that will be used to achieve the marketing strategy.
  • Identify client marketing communication workflows – Every customer communication is a marketing opportunity, whether online or offline.  Ensure that you have identified every touch point and ensure its marketing potential is maximized.
  • Help to identify and select key vendors for website development and graphic design – An issue that almost every entrepreneur and business owner faces is identifying and hiring the right vendors that are going to meet their needs.  Business tutors will teach clients how to carefully interview and select vendors, discuss pricing, and manage deadlines.
  • Co-Create sales & marketing plans – The marketing strategy needs to be supported by a detailed marketing plan that contains all of the sales and marketing tactics that you want to execute.
  • Analyze and teach financials – Many business owners do not generate relevant analytics to effectively manage and measure their business.   In addition, many business owners do not understand the components of their financial statements and the financial drivers of their business.  Business tutors can help identify what you should be measuring and how to effectively measure it.
  • Assess client funding options – Your business is at the point of needing additional funding to expand.  How much do you need?  Where will you source the funding from?  What do you need to prepare to request the funding?
  • Teach the skills of grant writing – Many not-for-profits survive off of the funding from grants. What are grants?  How do you find grants that are relevant for your business?  How do you apply for them? What are some effective grant-writing skills?
  • Teach organizational alignment with business goals – Your organization is growing and you have hired staff along the way.  However, you have never really assessed your organizational needs vs. your business goals.  It’s time to assess what you need as a business vs. your current team. Business tutors can help!

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