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How Will Biztutors™ Help You Achieve Your Business Startup Goals?

What is Biztutors™?
Biztutors™ is a business tutoring company that helps innovators turn their ideas into marketable businesses. We work one-on-one with our business clients to evaluate their business needs, identify business startupbusiness startup goals, and provide them with the professional expertise and business education to reach their goals.

…I am so grateful for the time, effort and all the information you provided…You, your knowledge and coaching abilities are an asset to individuals who want to be entrepreneurs… you streamlined the process for me which would otherwise be overwhelming. Your knowledge has been invaluable to me!!

How does the program work?
All clients sign-up for an initial 75-minute session for $99.  During that 75-minute session, a business tutor will review a series of questions with you to understand your product or service, identify your startup goals, and assess your business needs.  During the session, the Biztutor will compile notes from the 75-minute discussion.  After this session, clients receive a download of the notes and some initial recommendations from the business tutor.  The recommendations will include next steps and business startup strategies for how to meet the goals that have been identified. Click here to sign-up for the 75-minute session now.

After the 75-minute Biztutor session, clients can sign-up for a Biztutors tutoring program.  Based on the client goals and needs, we carefully match the client with a specific business tutor.

The Biztutors tutoring program is a 1-month (4 sessions) or 3-month (12 sessions) business tutoring package. Each session is 50 minutes in length.  We highly recommend the 3-month package.  Besides saving on the per-session fee, three months is a sufficient time period for an aspiring entrepreneur to explore and develop their idea and to begin to take the initial steps towards implementation.

In addition to the business tutoring sessions, you can email your tutor with questions at any time during the business tutoring period and for an additional 2 consecutive weeks after your tutoring package has ended. Each month’s payment is automatically charged prior to the month of service.

Will we accomplish all the outlined recommendations in the 1 or 3 months?
We will prioritize the recommendations and work on as much as possible. We cannot predict areas that might require additional time and support. Additional months can be added if needed at the 1-month or 3-month package rates.

Are there any additional biztutors fees?
There are no additional Biztutors fees. However, your business tutor may recommend additional functionality, marketing, education, or support, which may require additional funding outside of the tutoring.

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