About Business Tutors

Our business tutors help you turn your big idea into a marketable business. We help you solve business challenges and create innovative business strategies.  We become your temporary business partner without having to give up equity in your company.

Our business tutors are tenured professionals with varied backgrounds and credentials.  We have the expertise, experience, and patience to keenly listen and teach you what you need to know to develop a company infrastructure that will support your big idea.

Biztutors™ are carefully matched with your specific business needs in mind. During your initial 75-minute session, we assess your idea, vision and goals and provide you a download of our initial recommendations. After your 75-minute session, you can sign-up for 1-month of business tutoring sessions (4 sessions) or for the 3-month business tutoring sessions (12 sessions). We carefully match you with a specific business tutor who will tutor you on a weekly basis, helping you to create your vision and exceed your goals.

Why hire business tutors vs. small business consultants?
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Learn more about booking your initial 75-minute session now.  If you’re not ready yet,  download our free business and startup case studies. This will give you a head start on turning your big idea into a marketable business.

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